In its commitment to establishing a just and equitable society, the Indian National Congress has viewed India’s constitutional framework as the principal means to rectifying centuries of historical injustices and to further liberty, equality and fraternity. It has strived to guarantee and deliver those conditions that would actualise fullness of life, especially for those who have hitherto been excluded from society.

However, despite this radical charter and the efforts of successive governments, segregation and discrimination against historically excluded and marginalised groups is pervasive throughout India. Equality of opportunity and status is a norm followed more in the breach.

This is a major challenge for India. In trying to understand how to make the promise of this nation equitably accessible, it is imperative that we continuously study why and how marginalised groups are discriminated against or excluded. It is only then that scholars, activists and policy makers can evolve and re-calibrate India’s social justice paradigm to uplift and empower.

“Quest for Equity” aims to further that cause, and serve as the definitive platform for data, research and legislation on issues related to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, and minority communities. In doing so, it hopes to take Babasaheb Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s spirit forward by encouraging critical analyses of contemporary socio-economic and political issues that India faces.

This website was made possible with the kind support of the following individuals and organizations:

  • Columbia University, which has granted permission to host some of Dr. BR Ambedkar’s books; Dr. Ambedkar Foundation, for providing archival pictures and the collected works of Dr. Ambedkar; the National Archives of India, for providing manuscripts of Dr. Ambedkar’s correspondence; and Rajya Sabha Television for allowing us to host Samvidhaan, a ten-part mini-series on ‘The Making of the Constitution of India’.

  • Numerous scholars and organisations, who have been duly credited in the respective sections where their work has been hosted, for enthusiastically encouraging this initiative.

  • BMS Innolabs Software Ltd. Team, for developing this website.

  • All members of the Scheduled Caste Department, All India Congress Committee for their inputs and Mr. Babloo Chauhan, Mr. Jaswant Singh, Mr. Mukesh and Mr. Rishipal Singh for their valuable administrative support.

  • The research team comprising of Mr. Varun Reddy, Ms. Rekha Yadav, Ms. Ruchira Chaturvedi and Mr. Sai Anurag who meticulously compiled content for the site.

  • Finally, Mr. Priyank Kharge and Mr. Pushparaj. V. Deshpande for driving and giving shape to “Quest for Equity”.